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Ansonia Bridal Veils and Headpieces

The Ansonia Bridal Collection Headpieces include: Tiaras, which add to the atmosphere of a formal ceremony; Hairwraps, which can create a wide range of looks when the hair is worn up; Combs, a very popular style, with a delicate look that complements an elaborate hairstyle; Crescents, a flattering way to frame the bride's face; and Hairbands, a less formal way to create a softer look of elegance.

Ansonia's veils encompass a broad variety of styles and lengths, from shoulder to 120" Cathedral veils.

Recognized as the industry leader in veil design, Ansonia Bridal covers the gamut from simple cut edge veils to elaborate hand beaded designs and elegant embroideries. Ansonia offers so many different styles of veils that you may want to choose two for your special day; a Cathedral for the ceremony and an Elbow Length for the reception!

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