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Angela Nuran Wedding Shoes - Comfortable Bridal Shoes

Our fabulous new comfortable wedding shoes by Angela Nuran - the shoes that everyone is talking about!

Angela Nuran Bridal shoes are the ultimate solution to a problem women have endured for ages. Having to choose either beautiful shoes that hurt...or comfortable wedding shoes that aren't pretty. How can a woman fully enjoy an event if her feet are killing her?

Comfortable bridal shoes are a necessity so the bride can keep them on all night. A beautiful smile comes naturally when she's not thinking about her feet. Since gowns are hemmed for heel height, removing shoes will make a gown too long. No bride should spend her wedding day tripping on her dress, nor risk injury to her bare feet. Not to mention that the dress will be damaged if it's dragging on the ground.

Angela Nuran bridal shoes - these comfy bridal shoes are elegant, classy, sexy, super comfortable...in high or low heels...in white and pearl for brides, and black for moms and bridesmaids. Every woman can feel as great as she looks. Angela Nuran shoes can be exchanged for a different size but are not returnable for refund, nor exchange for other items.

Padding - Angela Nuran wedding shoes have extra thick padding throughout cushions heel, arch and ball of foot providing superior "pillow top" comfort for hours.

Suede Sole - The soft sole flexes with the foot allowing muscles to relax, and provides secure, non-slip traction.

Insole - Insoles are soft, ultra comfortable, ultra suede to caress the foot

Buckles - Angela Nuran uses jewelry-quality metals with Swarovski crystals. No prongs to snag gown. Ankle buckle hooks so they’re fast and easy to put on and won’t fray fabric. Toe and ankle straps are adjustable to fit any width.

Angela Nuran is proud to support Brides Against Breast Cancer! We donate shoes, and a portion of proceeds from shoes sold at charity wedding gown sales, to Making Memories Breast Cancer Foundation to help grant final wishes of terminally ill breast cancer patients.

Twice annually, the Nationwide Tour of Gowns comes to South Florida, giving brides the opportunity to purchase a new designer gown at great discounts. Many Angela Nuran retailers are generous contributors to the charity, giving tens of thousands of dollars worth of wedding gowns to Making Memories and thereby providing the inventory for sale. Additionally gowns are donated by other salons, designers, manufacturers and brides themselves.

Please contact our retailers to order Angela Nuran shoes custom dyed BABC pink.

Of all wedding accessories, a bride needs comfortable wedding shoes she can wear all night. Since wedding gowns are hemmed to heel height, her wedding dress will be too long if she takes off her shoes. No bride should spend her wedding day tripping on her dress, or risk injuring bare feet, or switch to flip flops when she's wearing the most expensive dress she'll ever own.

Angela Nuran shoes ultra comfortable, elegant and sexy. They are also incredibly versatile with choice of high or low heel, choice of colors or dyed to match, and adjust at toe and ankle to fit nearly any foot.

Your wedding shoes may end up being the most important wedding apparel item you purchase. There is nothing harder on your feet than hours of standing, so select comfortable wedding shoes and keep that smile on your face all day and into the night. When shopping for your bridal shoes, keep comfort in mind while choosing a style. Color choice should be secondary, because most wedding shoes are made in dyeable fabrics, and they can be dyed to match the fabric of your gown. The perfect wedding shoes are highly fashionable, designed with your comfort in mind, and fit you well. Changing into reception sneakers has become a popular alternative for many brides. Comfortable reception shoes will enable you to get through the big day and night without pain in your feet. Consider a white sneaker with blue ribbons and roses, available right here at AdvantageBridal.com. If you have any questions about selecting your bridal shoes, please call our Customer Service Dept. at 310-371-2060.