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Breast Enhancing Bra Inserts - Nipple Concealers

Bra Inserts,  Breast Enhancers and Nipple CoversBra insert products to make you look your absolute best! Our silicone bra inserts and breast enhancers will maximize your bustline as much or as little as you prefer. Go up half a cup size or a full cup size with these great silicone bra inserts and breast lift tape.

These figure-enhancing inserts have been featured in "inStyle," "People," "First" magazine, and "The Today Show." Enhancers are soft to the touch, and they simply slip into your bra to push up your breasts and maximize your cleavage. They warm to your body temperature and naturally mold to fit the shape of your breasts. They're comfortable, durable and non-irritating to the skin. Simply insert these breast enhancers into your bra or swimwear and forget that they are there! Enhancers become an invisible part of you. Be sensual, self-confident and stylish with these great figure-enhancing products. Durable and waterproof!