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Wedding Flower Jewels - Dazzling Accents for your Bridal Bouquet

Bridal bouquet jewelry.....lights, camera, bling! The camera will be on you throughout your wedding day-capturing you and your new mate as you begin your wonderful life together. As the flash and camera snap, lights will capture your stunning smile, your beautiful gown, and your bouquet. How do you ensure your bouquet will look its dazzling best? With stunning bouquet jewelry from Advantage Bridal!

Bouquet jewels...crystals for your bridal bouquet...absolutely stunning!! Don't miss out on the newest fashion trend in bridal bouquets. Butterflies, solitaires, crystal sprays, swirls, hearts and monogram letters made with Swarovski crystals will make your bouquet sparkle! Our bridal bouquet jewels come in many styles to complement every look. Add bouquet jewelry for a touch of glitz, and don't forget to order your bridesmaids bouquet jewelry, too! Want to hold a bouquet that will last forever? Crystal bridal bouquets are a way to have a bridal bouquet that never fades and dazzles with brilliance. Your crystal bridal bouquet will be custom made to your specifications. Pick the color of crystals, ribbons, and style. Your crystal bouquet should be as unique as you are.

Stunning crystal bouquet jewels to brighten up your day! Crystal bridal bouquet jewelry made with Swarovski elements are all the rage. Personalize your bouquet with this dazzling bouquet jewelry, and our gorgeous bouquet monograms. We offer single crystal bouquet stems so you can add as much or as little dazzle as you like! Imagine the light dancing off crystals in your bouquet as you walk down the aisle. The effect of bouquet jewelry is spectacular and your guests will ooh and aah when they see these gorgeous crystal bouquet gems. You can also add crystal bouquet jewelry to your bridesmaids' bouquets as well. Our gorgeous crystal bridal bouquets are perfect for the bride, bridesmaids and mother of the bride and groom bouquets. These stunning jewelry pieces and crystal bridal bouquets are not just for carrying. They work great as a way to add some sparkle to your centerpieces! Get creative and dazzle! You deserve to add a bit of your sparkling personality to every aspect of your wedding.
Timeless Trend: Brilliant Bridal Bouquets

Searching for wedding flower ideas? While you might have your heart set on traditional wedding bouquets, consider a popular alternative that is adorable and affordable. Artisans are using paper flowers to create wonderful works of floral art.

Paper wedding flowers can be made with crepe paper, tissue paper or origami paper, depending on the flower and overall look. A paper flower bouquet looks stunning against a bridal gown, and guests might have a hard time distinguishing it from real flowers. Paper wedding flowers create breathtaking bridal bouquets, bridesmaid bouquets, corsages, boutonnieres, ceremony arrangements and centerpieces.

You can achieve a romantic, whimsical, vintage, modern or authentic looking paper bridal bouquet. If you’re feeling crafty and want to save even more money, Martha Stewart offers instructions for diy wedding flowers or do it yourself wedding flowers. “Crepe paper flowers offer several practical advantages over their natural counterparts: They won’t wilt, droop, or drop petals, and they can be made to match the style and palette of a wedding in any season,” according to Martha Stewart Weddings. Wedding bouquet options are as vast as floral varieties, but a paper flower bouquet also offers many choices and doesn’t have to be preserved. Add bouquet jewelry, accessories or accents for a unique touch.

Advantage Bridal carries wedding bouquet alternatives, like rose ribbon bouquets, as well as Swarovski crystal bouquet jewelry. Search the Internet for local artisans who specialize in paper flower bouquets. These gorgeous paper flower keepsakes can be passed down to future generations if stored properly.