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Wedding Garter Sets - Bridal Garter and Tossing Garter Sets

Personalized wedding garters sets sold with a keepsake garter and a tossing garter will enable you to keep your treasured (and possibly quite expensive heirloom garter and yet have a garter to be thrown to all the guys. The bridal garter toss is a fun part of the wedding day. Many brides select a blue wedding garter to honor the “something blue” garter tradition. Our most popular custom wedding garters have Swarovski crystals for an elegant personalized bridal garter set. We offer custom wedding garters in either regular size or queen size, lace garters, organza garters and satin garters. We also have designed themed wedding garters: fairy tale wedding garters, beach wedding garters, western wedding garters, calla lily garters, butterfly bridal garters, Asian bridal garters, and Irish wedding garters, to name a few. Our wedding garter selection gives you the opportunity to express your personal style in a fun way. We hope you have fun shopping for your custom bridal garter. All of our wedding garters with a product code beginning with “SC” are hand-made in U.S.A. of the finest materials and workmanship. Our wedding garters can be worn above or below the knee. Plus-size garters are available in most styles. Custom wedding garters are also available upon special request by calling us at 310-371-2060. Custom bridal garters can be ordered with a coordinating tossing garter as well. We offer the largest selection of bridal garters, prom garters and wedding garters. We also offer college garters, made in the school colors, and many our collegiate garters feature school charms. Homecoming garters are very popular as well. Our most popular prom garters are brightly colored organza garters with Swarovski crystals. No matter how you say it wedding garters or wedding garders - we've got you covered! AdvantageBridal.com is your #1 source for wedding garters, bridal garters and prom garters!
Ah, the bridal garter...well, they’re not just for brides anymore! Brides usually do wear a wedding garter, and bridesmaid garters are now a hit too---usually in a color to match their bridesmaid dresses. High school girls wear these gorgeous creations as prom garters, homecoming garters are very popular, and military garters are hot with the brides of our armed forces. No matter the occasion, if you’re looking for a garter – Advantage Bridal is sure to have the perfect one! Whether it is a wedding garter, prom garter, bridal garter or lace garter we are sure to have it. We offer matching wedding garter sets so that you can have a tossing garter to match, but not throw away your beautiful keepsake garter. In the market for a blue wedding garter for your something blue? We have dozens of blue garter styles to choose from. Our huge selection of wedding garters are made of the finest fabrics and come in a variety of colors, so you can match them to your gown. A lace garter is always a much-appreciated bridal shower gift, and a blue wedding garter can not only be the bride's "something blue" but also her “something new”. A bridal garter set makes a great gift for any bride.

We carry plus size wedding garters and queen size wedding garters. Due to popular demand, we have worked with our favorite wedding garter manufacturer closely to provide large sizes for many of our garters. Plus size wedding garters styles are available for all garters for which the product code begins with "SC".

The latest trend is to for the bridesmaids to wear vividly colored bridal garters to complement their attire. A fun gift for your bridal party and something they’ll treasure for years to come! And with our custom garters, you can order them any way you like! Lace garter styles are also being used by moms to adorn the heads of their baby girls. A pink wedding garter can make a cute little girl's headband. No matter the occasion or event, Advantage Bridal is sure to have the perfect bridal garter for you!