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Bridal showers…..the very mention of the term and ideas start flying around! Advantage Bridal is pleased to put ideas and products together to make a one stop shopping opportunity for you. We have it all: a large selection of bridal shower invitations that vary from DIY Bridal Invitations to printed bridal invitations. Advantage Bridal also has a great selection of bridal shower games and bridal shower favors that are second to none. Take a gander at some of our bridal shower decorations that will help you create a festive and fun atmosphere for your bridal shower. And for all those in between things, we have a great variety of bridal shower supplies that will make your shower easy to plan and pull off making you look like you do it for a living. And once the bridal shower planning is done, take a look at our bridal sashes and bridal apparel that make great bridal shower gifts! Everyone loves getting personalized gifts. Don’t see what you are looking for? Give us a call and let one of our friendly customer service representatives help you find the latest and greatest in bridal shower supplies and bridal shower accessories. Bridal Showers are a tradition that date back to Brussels, Belgium around 1860. A bridal shower is traditionally a gift giving party in honor of the bride before her wedding. Primarily a U.S. and Canadian practice, a bridal shower is generally given by the maid of honor and bridesmaids. It is usually attended by women, though in more recent years, there have been “Jack and Jill” showers where couples attend together. Regardless of who attends, the bridal shower is intended to be a gift-giving party where guests give gifts for the home or primarily for the bride since the groom does not generally attend.

A bridal shower traditionally takes place anywhere from 4-6 weeks before the wedding day. The word “shower” comes from the Victorian times when dowries were going by the wayside because money was scarce. Often times a parasol was put in the packages for the bride and groom during. Loosely, it was intended as a pun for “showering” the couple with gifts instead of a dowry as used to be the custom.

Bridal showers have taken on many meanings over the years. One of the most lasting meanings of a bridal shower is that it is a time when the female members of the bride’s family show the bride how her role will be in her marriage. This role is thought to be more of an homage to the mothers and grandmothers rather than a reflection of how the bride will actually behave in the marriage. Bridal showers are fun to plan and to attend! For your bridal shower needs, Advantage Bridal is here to help. We have everything you could ever need for planning and hosting a bridal shower. Check out our large selection of bridal shower invitations, bridal shower favors, and bridal shower games. Don’t know where to start? Give us a call! We have so many bridal shower ideas that are easy to use and work for all types of personalities.