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Giving Sweet Bridal Shower Favors

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Bridal showers are generally about giving the bride and her groom gifts that will help them to set up their new home. At the same time, it would be nice to give your guests a small and thoughtful gift, letting them know that you appreciated them giving you gifts, taking the time to attend and wishing you well.


Bridal shower favors can be a lovely way to say thank you to the attendees for being there. You can use favor boxes and beautiful favor bags in a multitude of sizes, colors, patterns and even order them customized with monograms.


There are also a lot of different options on what to put inside your pretty wrapping. Personalized Hershey Kisses with the bride and groom's names over a background or with a graphic will very nicely fill favor bags.


Continuing with the desserts theme, brightly colored hand-dipped fortune cookies will wish your guest a very happy future.  They are available with your choice of white, milk, dark chocolate or an assortment to please all of your attendees' palates. Sweetly iced monogrammed cookies have the option of coming pre-packaged, which would save you time in preparation. Elegantly packaged chocolates in adorable take out boxes will also give you back a few much needed hours.


Chocolate-covered strawberries are a decadent touch, or you can use bulk favor candy in the ever-popular black and white damask patterned pedestal favor box for equally elegant but more affordable shower favors. Cupcakes continue to be extremely popular and they are the perfect size for a bridal shower take-a-way.  Envelop them in a beautiful laser cut wrapping for an added touch of elegance. For the hot tea lovers, use a monogrammed tumbler and fill it to the brim with different flavored hot tea favors. For a girly affair, display a completely made from chocolate stiletto heel that can be eaten during the party, and then later send your guests away with a mini chocolate pink stiletto souvenir.


With so many sweet bridal shower favor ideas, Advantage Bridal can help you find everything you need to pull together a perfect bridal shower!