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Bridesmaids Gloves - Wedding Gloves - Bridesmaid Gloves

If you choose to wear gloves on your wedding day, consider asking the bridesmaids to wear gloves as well. If they do, they should all be matching, although their gloves do not necessarily need to match the bride's. Considered an essential part of a formal outfit, bridesmaid gloves are a great way to add some refined elegance to a wedding party wardrobe. Bridesmaids gloves can be purchased in wrist to opera (shoulder) length. For strapless gowns, go with a longer glove; for cap or short-sleeve dresses, stick with shorter gloves that end before the elbow. You may also opt for shorter gloves during daytime weddings and longer gloves for evening ceremonies. Those that end just before the elbow are the most versatile. Formal gloves are measured by the number of buttons. 1-button gloves are wrist length, 6-button gloves end just below the elbow, 8 button gloves reach the elbow, and 16-button gloves, which are known as opera gloves, extend to the upper arm.

These gorgeous gloves in a rainbow of colors are special orders and not returnable, so we strongly suggest that you send a swatch of the dresses when you place your order, so we can make sure that the gloves match well. An exact match is not necessary, but they must be the same hue.
Wedding gloves are a lovely addition to any wedding, although the inevitable wedding etiquette of wearing wedding gloves and when to take them off inevitable come up as you make the final plans for your walk down the aisle.

During the wedding ceremony, the etiquette of gloves is extremely important. For wearing short wedding gloves you may remove them before the exchanging of rings, and have your maid of honor hold them for safekeeping. Longer wedding gloves are difficult to put on and remove, and the last thing you want is being embarrassed in front of your guest. For avoiding this problem you have several options.

Fingerless wedding gloves cover your arms still, but once you get to your fingers, they stop so that when your husband to be is placing your wedding band on your ring finger, there will nothing in the way. Additionally, some gloves come with a slit stitched into the ring finger slot therefore you can remove just your ring finger to allow the placing of the ring.

If you plan on taking your wedding gloves off during the ceremony practice before the big day, this way you will be sure to take them off with ease.

When it comes to wearing jewelry over your wedding gloves, the general rule is to only wear it if it is a bracelet designed to wear over gloves. It is proper to keep your wedding gloves on for the receiving line and your first dance as a couple. But it is a must to remove them before eating anything. Be sure to wear them in your pictures though; so do not forget to have them handy at the reception just in case you would like a few formal shots taken.

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