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Bridesmaid Jewelry Sets - Wedding Jewelry for Bridesmaids

Bridesmaid jewelry that she will love to wear again and again...

Our bridesmaid jewelry sets are the perfect gift for your dearest friends. Crystal bridesmaid necklaces and pearl bridesmaid jewelry sets are a great way to coordinate the jewelry being worn at the wedding, and can be worn again and again, so they are a practical bridesmaids gift as well. Check out our initial necklaces and initial in a heart earrings for a sweet keepsake presented in a tiny and cute tin. Choose from classic pearl studs, vintage crystal earrings, chandelier earrings, orda dazzling crystal and gemstone earrings in a variety of colors, bridesmaid necklaces and bracelets. We've got plenty of bridesmaid gift ideas, and lots of bridal party jewelry to choose from. Our jewelry for bridesmaids comes in a variety of styles, and some engraved necklaces can take a bit of time for production, so please order in plenty of time. For the wedding jewelry bridesmaids will most appreciate, shop this beautiful collection today!
Bridesmaid jewelry is icing on the cake of the bridesmaid ensemble. You can avoid tricky issues like one person wearing too much, one wearing too little, or one picking pieces that clash with her dress by giving each a gift of what you would like her to wear. If you prefer a cohesive appearance, select your bridesmaids’ jewelry and guarantee the perfect look on the wedding day

Swarovski crystals are all the rage in jewelry right now and will give you the added sparkle you desire. Necklaces are especially perfect for gowns that are strapless or have an open neckline. Crystal sets come in a variety of colors including ruby red, pink, green and purple.

For an elegant evening wedding, pearls are a classic choice. Freshwater pearls are available in a wide variety of color options to match or complement the gown. Traditional pearls are also a great option and add a vintage touch to a themed wedding. A modern twist to pearls is a single strand that uses a ribbon instead of a traditional clasp. Customize the ribbon in a variety of colors and add a classy touch with the bow tied in the back or shifted around to show it off in the front! If you like a more subtle approach, a hint of pearls in earrings or a bracelet might be just the look you are searching for.

Monogrammed pieces unify your group while serving as personalized gifts. Tiffany’s style necklaces and bracelets feature large sterling silver chain links and a toggle and heart-shaped or round connector. For something a little more delicate, choose clear laser cut crystals pendants that can then be placed on a pearl necklace or ribbon.

Be sure when choosing your bridesmaids’ jewelry to take into account the detail and color of the dress you’ve chosen to create the perfect look. Advantage Bridal has a large selection of jewelry to add just the right touch to your bridesmaids’ ensembles on your wedding day.