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Engraved Crystal Trinket Box

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A most personal gift for storing those intimate little treasures. Add the elegant touch of a hand-cut monogram and give the perfect personalized present. Perfect for bridesmaids, mothers, or other persons dear to your heart.

Personalization available: Monogram, First Name or Initial

Monogram: mon-uh-gram, noun, a sign of identity usually formed of the combined initials of a name.

That's the official word from Webster. But did you know they were actually created centuries ago as a way for royals to authorize documents and proclamations? In fact, the famous Charlemagne himself, was unable to write his own name so he drew his monogram instead. So in honor of Charlemagne and all things monogrammed, here are a few tips on monogramming etiquette?

According to Crane's Blue Book of Stationery - Tiffany Edition, the proper monogram for a single individual is as follows: first name initial, larger last name initial, middle initial (in that order). So, Rachel Christine Montel?s monogram would be RMC, with the M in the center larger.

The correct monogram for a married woman is as follows: her first name initial, maiden name initial, married name initial. If all of the initials are the same size, then they appear in this order. However, if you are choosing a monogram style where the center initial is larger, the monogram order should be as follows: first name initial, married name initial (larger), maiden name initial. Therefore, Nina Gregs-Smithers monogram would be NSG, with the S in the center and larger.

When choosing a monogram to incorporate both a husband and wife?s initials, the correct order is as follows: woman?s first name initial, the joint married last name initial (larger), man?s first name initial. The woman?s initial typically goes first, so the monogram of Diane and Charles Winston would be DWC, with the W in the center and larger.

Monogram comes in a block font, as shown.



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