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Wedding Cake Stands

Your big day is coming. Details have been taken care of. The flowers and cake have been ordered and now you’re making preparations on how they’ll be displayed. How can you make sure your cake shines as the visual centerpiece you want it to be? With a wedding cake stand from Advantage Bridal!

Advantage Bridal has a number of wedding cake stands to choose from. We have glass cake stands and metal cake stands. Looking for a shaped wedding cake stand? We are pleased to offer round cake stands and square cake stands. Why not mix it up and put a round cake on a square cake stand for a whole new look? Or, put a square cake tier on a round cake stand. No matter how you do it, your cake will look gorgeous on any one of our cake stands.

Looking for a tiered cake stand? Advantage Bridal is sure to have a tier cake stand that is right for you. We have a 3 tier cake stand and a 5 tier cake stand that is sure to add a touch of elegance to your wedding cake. Whether you purchase a glass cake stand or a silver cake stand, your cake is sure to delight and awe your guests when it is sitting on a wedding cake stand from Advantage Bridal.