Chiffon Rose Bridal Money Bag

Chiffon Rose Bridal Money Bag

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Keep those wedding envelopes with you in this elegantly styled money bag. Perfectly designed to complement almost any wedding gown. Available in White or Ivory. Measures approximately 10" wide by 12" long.

Wedding money bags are a long-standing tradition. A bridal money bag is to be carried by the bride during her reception. It can serve as a purse, holding the bride's lipstick, powder, and other emergency supplies she might need. The bride's money bag is used during the "money dance", which is a special song played while the bride dances with any guest who would like to make a donation to the money purse funds. The bride collects $5, $10 or $20 from her guests (or more!!) as family and friends dance with her, and she places the cash in her money bag. The bride's money bag is also useful for collecting cards brought to the reception, which usually contain cash or checks. It is safer for the bride to keep the monies with her rather than allowing them to collect on a table, especially if no security is present.

Bridal money bags are offered in a wide variety of colors and fabrics, to match any wedding gown. Many of our brides choose a monogrammed money bag, which can be used for her shoes, lingerie, or other items on the honeymoon.



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