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Evening Gloves - Evening Bags - Evening Shawls

Evening AccessoriesEvening attire demands attention to every last accessory, and you want to carry the correct handbag, wear gorgeous shoes that won't kill your feet, and wear a wrap to ward off any chill in the air. Formal gloves are always an elegant addition to any evening gown or suit, and are a necessity in some segments of society. Who can help but feel sophisticated and beautiful in a pair of luxurious kid leather gloves? Of course, the right evening bag is crucial, and we have Swarovski crystal purse styles that are completely covered in brilliance. These purses are so stunning...nothing compares to them. Then there are those of us who don't want to draw that much attention to ourselves, so we choose a subtler look, perhaps accented with a few rhinestones or beads. Finally, an evening wrap will keep the chill off your shoulders and neck, because who wants to stand around shivering? A beautifully beaded shawl is best worn with a simpler gown, and you can really make a statement if you wear a contrasting color. For a gown with heavy patterns or beading, it is best to wear a solid-colored wrap with just a touch of beading, if any. Advantage Bridal has all the accessories you need to make your grand entrance at any event, large or small.