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Family Medallions® Jewelry and Ceremony Accessories

The Family Medallion is a symbol of family unity and love. Such a symbol is needed in a world where commitment to others is often devalued and where family relationships that bring meaning and continuity to life, especially those involving children, rarely receive the respect they deserve.

In the Old Testament Book of Ecclesiastes, it is written that "a cord of three strands is not easily broken." The three merged circles on the face of the Family Medallion represent the strength of the family bond... and the enduring love that family members share.

The Family Medallion is used to include children of the bride and/or groom in the wedding service when couples marry with children. When a new stepfamily is being created, the Family Medallion becomes a tangible way to build a bond between stepparents and stepchildren.

If you and your fiancé have children, either together or from previous relationships, presenting them with the Family Medallion is a meaningful way to include them in your wedding. The recognition of children offers a moving opportunity for your guests to bear witness not only your vows as husband and wife but your family commitment as well.

Included with each Family Medallion order is a copy of “Celebrating the New Family – A Ceremony for Including Children In the Wedding Service.”