Flattering Me Bridal Bra in Ivory
Flattering Me Bridal Bra in Ivory Flattering Me Bridal Bra in Ivory Flattering Me Bridal Bra in Ivory

Flattering Me Ivory Bridal Bra - Bridal Bustier

Product Code: DISC-FM-775I
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This Flattering Me Bra is the result of years of development and experience in the bridal industry. Coco Abadi, designer and long time bridal boutique owner, created this bra out of necessity. No other strapless bra was shaping and supporting the bride as well as they should be.

This bra is a technical marvel and will be an undergarment you cherish for years to come.

This is a discontinued style and is not able to be returned or exchanged. All sales are final.

Bra Size Calculator

This bra size calculator will accept your measurements in either inches or centimeters,
 and can be used with whole numbers - e.g. 70 or 85, or to one decimal place - e.g. 29.3.

Take your measurements, enter them in the indicated fields and click on the Calculate
button. Your bra size for several countries will be displayed in the boxes below.


2 - BUST


4 - GO


US = United States of America. UK = United Kingdom. EU = Europe. JAP = Japan.  AUS = Australia. NZ = New Zealand. B = Belgium. E = Spain. F = France. P = Portugal.


When measuring to determine your bra size you should wear a comfortable regular
underwire bra without padding.  In a standing position, keep your back and shoulders
comfortably straight (don't hold your breath or push your chest out). You may want
to have a friend assist you.

1 - Measure below your breasts

Use a cloth tape measure. To obtain your band size measurement, measure snugly
around your rib cage, just underneath your breasts.  The tape should feel tight and
lie straight all the way around.  Enter this figure in the BELOW field #1. You may
measure in inches or centimeters.

2 - Measure around your breasts and back

Measure loosely around the fullest part of your bust (usually over the nipples),
keeping the tape measure straight all the way around your body. Enter this figure
(inches or centimeters) in the BUST field #2.

3 - Measure above your breasts

Measure snugly around your rib cage above your breasts and under your arms,
 keeping the tape measure level around you. Enter this figure in the ABOVE field #3. 
This third measurement is optional, but using it aids in the accuracy of the overall

4 - Calculate your bra size

Click on Calculate and your international bra sizes will be calculated and displayed.





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