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Jen + Kim Bridal Shoes - Jen and Kim Bridal Shoes

Jen + Kim Bridal Shoes - Jen and Kim Bridal ShoesIn case you haven’t heard the latest fashion buzz, Advantage Bridal now offers Jen+Kim Shoes! Jen+Kim Shoes are showing up at bridal boutiques, bridal parties and bridal shows, as well as on popular TV shows and magazines. Maybe you’ve seen these handcrafted high heels on Project Runway or in LA Direct or J’Adore, which featured Kim Kardashian in a pair of Jen+Kim stilettos. Celebrity Lynn Collins wore a pair at the Wolverine premier. We love the gorgeous Jen + Kim wedding shoes that are also great styles for a night on the town or other special occasion.

Two former New York shoe fashionistas and entrepreneurs moved to Los Angeles to pursue their passion. Jen+Kim for Coloriffics just launched this collection of bridal shoes, but the company also hosts parties for custom high heels and wedge heels made to order. Jen and Kim shop from American suppliers and use various leathers, vintage fabrics, exotic animal skins and other textiles to create each pair of custom heels. With exceptional attention to detail, Jen+Kim for Coloriffics bridal shoes and wedding shoes fashion unique styles any bride would be proud to wear down the aisle. These wedding shoes are thickly padded for ultra comfort! They are also great bridesmaid shoes and special occasion shoes. Get your order in early at Advantage Bridal so that you are one of the first brides to have a pair of these comfortable and oh-so-stylish wedding shoes!