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Lace Bridal Garters - Vintage Garters

Lace Bridal Garters - Vintage Style Wedding GartersLace garters are a timeless look that never goes out of style. Lace bridal garters are handed down through generations of women, or are made from bits of a mother's or grandmother's gown or veil. Brides having a vintage wedding theme usually choose a lace garter, most often in ivory or a very ornate white lace. For a delicate feminine garter, lace is the number one choice! Vintage Style Bridal Garters - Shabby Chic Bridal GartersThese vintage inspired bridal garters can be made in any color combination, so please contact us if you want to change the bridal garter lace color, the brooch color, or the flowers. They are lovingly made by hand by designer Kristie Ann Couture. We will make your garter in the correct size to fit your leg, so we do request a measurement from the part of your leg on which you want to wear your handmade garter. Most brides choose to wear a bridal garter at mid-thigh, but you can also wear them just below the knee if you want to do a toss but are more modest. Our shabby chic bridal garters are made for you with vintage style and they ship within 1-3 weeks. Please allow for shipping time to your location.