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Personalized Photo Albums

Wedding Photo Album - Honeymoon Albums

With each click of the camera and each flash of the light a memory is captured on your big day.  These pictures will hold a special place in your heart and in the hearts of those in your wedding party for years to come.  Why not give a bridesmaid gift that will hold all of  these treasured moments?  A personalized photo album  is a unique bridesmaid gift.  Your bridesmaid will be able to thumb through her personalized photo album for years to come and remember the fun and memories she had with you on your special day.   Our photo albums come in a variety of styles and materials, too.  One is sure to fit your bridesmaids' personality and tastes.  Check out our other personalized bridesmaid gifts like our cosmetic bags, towels, spa wraps and robes, and our vast selection of tote bags.  Advantage Bridal is your one stop shop for personalized gifts that will serve as a reminder of how much your bridesmaids mean to you and how much you appreciated them being a part of your wedding day.