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Iridescent Crystals Bridal Party Tank or T-Shirt

Iridescent Crystals Bridal Party Tank or T-Shirt

Product Code: APG-Tank_IR_Fo
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Our sparkling Iridescent crystals bridal party tank or tee is a fabulous bit of bling for you and your team! Featuring your choice of bridal party title written across the front and a fun flower pin for a look that is sure to turn heads! Please make your selection with care as custo items cannot be returned or exchanged.

Wedding Superstition! Did you know that early bridesmaids dressed just like the bride in an attempt to confuse evil spirits!

Please accurately measure your body prior to placing an embroidered or rhinestone garment order with AdvantageBridal.com. We have provided a size chart for your convenience and we are not responsible for any sizing errors if you do not accurately measure yourself. Many of our garments are junior sizing and will not be comparable to the sizing of other stores where you may shop. For tank and tee orders, please note that the ""Bust Size"" is not the same as your bra size. The "Bust" is the largest part of your chest, measured including the breasts. If your bridesmaids were recently measured for bridesmaid dresses, their order forms may be a good source for the measurements if they have not gained or lost weight. Each garment is handmade to order and cannot be returned or exchanged. By placing an order with AdvantageBridal.com, you agree to these terms.




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