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Something Old, Something New...Something Blue

"Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed, Something Blue, and a lucky sixpence for your shoe...."

Everyone has heard the age-old saying, "Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue". These items are thought to bring good luck to a bride and also bring happiness to her marriage. You can incorporate these elements into your wedding in many creative ways.

Your wedding dress can serve as any of the four special elements. Many brides wear a new dress, but you could opt for a vintage wedding gown if it fits with the style of your wedding. Vintage is very popular presently! Brides often borrow their mother's dress, or the gown of a friend or relative. Wedding dresses are not required to be white or ivory, and a blue dress is an option that will be fresh and imaginative.

For something old, vintage jewelry is great way to incorporate this requirement. Online auctions are often a good place to find antique earrings, estate necklaces, bracelets, vintage brooches, and antique hair accessories. A local antique store is also a great source for vintage jewelry. Just make sure that whatever you choose fits into your wedding's theme and complements the style of your gown.

Something new is probably the easiest part of the quad of requirements. If you are not wearing a new dress, you almost certainly have a new piece of bridal jewelry or pair of bridal shoes. If these are all old or borrowed, you can wear new bridal panties or pantyhose to serve as something new.

A monogrammed handkerchief with your monogram in blue thread is a lovely keepsake to pass down through the generations.

Your borrowed item could be just about anything. Ask your mother, grandmother or sister for a classic piece of jewelry—a pearl necklace, a classic pair of pearl drop earrings, or even a diamond watch. If your mother or grandmother still has her garter, she would likely consider it an honor to lend it to you for your wedding day.

Something blue is often the trickiest thing to come up with. Garters often come in blue, but if you really don't want a blue garter, there are many other ways to add something blue to your ensemble. We offer blue wedding tattoos, which are temporary and easily wash off. Blue shoes are a nice option if they will look good with your dress. If blue doesn't match your clothing or wedding theme at all, you could always wear blue bridal underwear or a piece of jewelry with a small blue stone.

There is another part of the "something old" saying that many people are unaware of. It calls for "a lucky sixpence in her shoe". A sixpence is an old British coin that is no longer minted, so it could be hard to find. You could substitute a dime or old penny. You can also find keepsake sixpence coins at coin collector shops. You can wear the sixpence taped to the inside upper of your shoes, where you will not feel it. Don’t fall prey to the thought that you need to be stepping on it all day or night!

The something old, something new, something borrowed, and something blue tradition is all about happy symbolism. The verse encourages the bride to remember her family, friends, and past while looking forward to her life with her new husband. Finding a way to work each of these fun elements into your wedding attire will be memorable and may create cherished keepsakes for the next generation.

by Sandy Keller Google