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Wedding Boots - Bridal Boots - Wedding Cowboy Boots

Nothing beats a comfortable pair of western wear boots when you've got a western theme wedding goin' on. Our bridal boots are made of luxurious leather and suede. If you are having a western or cowboy wedding, these bridal western boots will be the perfect wedding shoes for you!

Cowboy wedding boots fit differently than city-slicker shoes. Most boot-scooters will find that the right-fitting boot makes you want to let out a ‘yeee-haw’ and giddy-up around town. Others of us simply won’t want to wear another pair shoes, ever again.

The instep of the boot holds the foot in place, making it the most important part of the fit. The boot should feel snug in the instep and around the top of your foot, not too loose or too tight. If your boot feels too tight, try a larger or wider size. If your foot moves around a lot in the instep-area of the boot, you may need a narrower width or smaller size. Keep in mind—leather stretches with wear.

Your heel should slip up and down a little as you walk. It may feel unnatural at first, but don’t worry—you’ll be a regular heel-slipping boot-wearer in no time. As the leather relaxes with wear, this slippage will subside. Ultimately, the decision on a proper fit is up to the cowgirl who’s wearin’ ‘em.
Traditional bridal shoes are pretty but some brides are looking for something a little bit more unique for their wedding day. The good news is that we here at Advantage Bridal can help you decide which option is right for you.

Beach weddings or weddings with a tropical feel are perfect for some super comfortable but adorable flip-flops. Flip-flops offer a softer sole with plenty of support to dance the night away, as well as sassy sayings printed on the soles.

Swarovski crystal Havaianas can be hand-decorated by Advantage Bridal's team of expert shoe decorators, using Swarovski crystals that are available in nearly every shade. Brides have the option of having the crystals cascade down the shoe, or to create a design such as a flower or heart. These are completely customizable as you select your choice of flip-flop, crystals and colors.

A more casual beach wedding might call for “Just Married flip flops”. This creative option features “Just Married” etched on the bottom of the sole, so that it will leave the imprint as you walk down a sandy beach together.

The country brides out there will want to check out these amazing cowboy wedding boots, which you may remember seeing in the recent nuptials of Miranda Lambert and Blake Shelton. Miranda and her bridesmaids rocked this country style with cowboy boots under their dresses. Don’t think that you have to stick with the traditional black or brown, as options range from white and blue to hot pink, and more.

Sportier brides might want to stick to what they know well by wearing tennis shoes, but with a dressy twist. Styles vary from the traditional and backless, to a simple white tennis shoe with personalized accents that may include ribbon laces, pearls, roses, polka dots or hearts.

Every bride has the ability to keep her style and personality when choosing her wedding shoe. Advantage Bridal is able to cater to the style of every bride.