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Personalized Cake Knife Sets - Wedding Cake Serving Sets

Your wedding cake knife set is a classic photo opp necessity. Every bride and groom envisions the moment when they are to cut their cake and feed each other a piece. When it comes time for wedding cake cutters or wedding cake knives, a beautifully engraved set of wedding cake servers is a must as the cameras are all trained on the two of you. Your cake topper and wedding knife and server play a key role in the moment, and will be keepsakes you'll treasure forever. As with your toasting glasses, a personalized cake server and knife set will bring back lovely memories when you use them for every anniversary. We offer engraved cake knife and server sets. Personalized cake servers are a great wedding gift or bridal shower gift. Engraved cake knife and server sets are one of our most popular gifts to the newly engaged couple and we have cake servers to match any wedding theme. Scroll down this page for our tips on how to care for your silver accessories. Most of these cake knife sets can be engraved with your names and wedding date, or your monogram, and you'll be able to use them for many years to come, so having them personalized is a great way to preserve your wedding day memories.
Most brides wonder at some point what they are going to do with all of their wedding accessories after the day has passed. Most bridal accessories are not something you would ever use again, but if you choose a design you really love, your cake knife and server set can last you a lifetime of use. After slicing the wedding cake and serving it to your guests, your cake knife and server should be gently cleaned with water and a non-abrasive soap. Assign someone you can trust to completely clean and dry each piece, and then wrap them individually in acid-free tissue or soft cloth to protect them. You can also put them back in the wrapping they were packaged in when you purchased them if it will protect them well. Donít use newspaper, cotton, wool or felt, as they can cause serious tarnishing that may be impossible to clean off later. They contain sulfides which can attack the metal. Silver cloth designed to retard tarnishing may be best.

If you decide to display your silver pieces in your new home, you can place a few anti-tarnish strips around them in a cabinet. These materials are available for purchase at many jewelry stores and even hardware stores.A glass cabinet is the safest environment because wood can emit vapors that can cause damage. A cloudy finish may develop if you store your silver in direct sunlight. You will also want to avoid touching your silver knife and server keepsakes because the oil and acid from your skin can permanently etch the surface if not immediately removed. Follow these tips for a lifetime of enjoyment from your silver and silver-plated gifts and keepsakes.