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Your wedding cake topper is something that can define the tone of your entire wedding - all of your guests will notice your cake topper, because the wedding cake is the highlight of your reception. Cake toppers are the real icing on the cake and the part you get to keep forever! Your cake topper also holds great value as a wedding memento you will cherish always, and possibly pass down to a son or daughter for their own wedding cake. Thatís why we have such an extensive collection of wedding cake toppers! No matter what your style, whether you want a funny cake topper, a traditional bride and groom figurine, or something original and blingy, you are sure to find a wedding cake topper to fit your cake perfectly.

For traditional weddings, monogrammed cake toppers are an elegant way to celebrate your union. These cake initials can be custom made with Swarovski crystals in your colors are stunning on a cake and can be displayed after the wedding at home. Our custom wedding cake toppers are extremely popular right now thanks to their chic style and universal appeal. All eyes will be on your cake and the brilliance of Swarovski crystals throwing their brilliance in all directions. Frame your cake monogram after your wedding and admire the dazzle right there on the wall of your home. Shop our cake toppers today and save!
When selecting your wedding cake topper, you'll be deciding between elegant cake toppers and comical cake toppers; expensive or affordable. Keep in mind the mood that you want to set for your reception when selecting your cake top figurine or wedding cake monogram, and also remember that it will be a keepsake of your wedding day. Cake toppers are one of those items that we save forever, so you'll want to choose a wedding cake topper that you can treasure. Cheap cake toppers are not the way to go on this item. It will be on display for all of your guests to admire, so the importance of choosing something that expresses your personalities is high.

We also have a wonderful collection of funny cake toppers that can help display your unique personality. These funny porcelain figurines can help decorate a cake and say something about your sense of humor as a couple, too. Many of our porcelain figures can be mixed and matched to resemble the perfect wedded pairóthe two of you! In addition to our wedding cake toppers, we also offer beautiful wedding cake accessories like cake servers and stands. Our wedding accessories are extremely high quality and will reflect just the right mood for your special day.

Wedding cake monograms can be displayed in your new home after the wedding is over. A shadow box with your cake monogram would be a stunning addition to your home, and monograms never go out of style. A traditional bride and groom figurine is another popular option, made of bisque or shiny porcelain. Our Precious Moments cake topper figurines are quite popular and are also collectible. Swarovski crystal bees and butterflies are also fun for cake tops, and can be added to monograms or flower cake tops or even the bridal bouquet. A Swarovski crystal cake monogram is the ultimate in elegance and will dazzle your guests. They are also fabulous for decorating your new home. Take the letters off the prongs and display with a photo of the two of you--there's nothing more elegant!