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Your wedding cake is the crown jewel of your reception and selecting your topper sets the tone for the style and sentiment you both wish to share with your guests! What’s more, your cake topper will become a cherished keepsake that will first adorn a special nook in your home and perhaps find its way once again to the top of a cake at your son or daughter’s reception or even your milestone anniversary celebration!

We created an extensive collection of toppers for you to shop because we know how much it means to find that “perfect” finishing touch for the centerpiece of a very charming wedding tradition…the bride and groom cutting and sharing their nuptial cake! No matter what your style, whether you want a stunning Swarovski crystal monogram, a classic bride and groom figurine, funny cake topper or one that carries a theme such as a beach or butterfly wedding, you are sure to find your dream topper among the hundreds of options we offer!

For traditional weddings, monogrammed cake toppers are an elegant way to celebrate your union. These cake initials can be custom made with Swarovski crystals in your colors and are utterly stunning on a cake. All eyes will be mesmerized by the brilliance of Swarovski crystals scattering sparkling light in every direction. Take the letters off the prongs and display with a photo of the two of you--there's nothing more elegant! Swarovski crystal bees and butterflies are also fun for cake tops, and can be added to monograms or flower cake tops or even the bridal bouquet.

We also have a wonderful collection of funny cake toppers that would surely convey your unique personality. These comical porcelain figurines say something about your clever sense of humor as a couple, too. A traditional bride and groom figurine is another popular option, also made of bisque or shiny porcelain. Many of our porcelain figures can be mixed and matched to resemble the perfect wedded pair—the two of you! In addition to our wedding cake toppers, we also offer beautiful wedding cake accessories like cake servers and stands. Our Precious Moments cake topper figurines are quite popular and are also highly collectible.

So, no matter what you desire, no matter your venue or theme, from classic and traditional, country and western, nautical, beach, seasonal, floral or cultural, we’ve got a look for the top of your wedding confection that you are sure to cherish!