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Bride's Emergency Kit - Wedding Day Survival Kit

If there's one thing you don't want to forget the morning you say "I do," it's an all-inclusive wedding day survival kit containing all the essentials you need for a smooth ceremony and reception. A practical last-minute bride survival kit should be cute, compact and stuffed with panic deterrents like hair ties, hair pins, a lint brush, clear nail polish, a sewing kit, super glue, a toothbrush and deodorant. You may also want to consider getting each member of your team their own bridesmaid emergency kit to ensure that dressing goes off without a hitch.
Our selection of bridal emergency kits includes everything from handy jet-setter packs with honeymoon must-haves like a sleep mask and hand sanitizer to jam-packed wedding keepsake bags with beauty products and breath mints. Some kits contain spot remover pads, hem tapes, bandages, pain relievers and face powder and come packaged in a cute bag that may double as an emergency wedding purse, if needed. Bridal survival kits make great day-of wedding gifts from the maid-of-honor.

Remember you just need the basics- not everything but the kitchen sink, like most of us usually do. We suggest having these in your pretty little bridal bag:

∑ Compact Mirror- To check and touch up your makeup

∑ Handkerchief- There are sure to be tears flowing and this way you will be prepared.

∑ Lipstick/Lip gloss- All day will be a love fest, so keep those lips perfectly coiffed.

∑ Powder- Keeps you looking camera ready.

∑ Travel Size Perfume- Just to freshen up

∑ Breath Mints- Need we say more?

∑ Bobby Pins and a Pocket Comb- Hair snafus happen but you can make sure youíve got it covered.

∑ Cell Phone- Be sure to have phone numbers of all the people helping you organize your day.

These will be sure to get you through the evening, but you also have to think about an essentials kit for during the day, while getting prepared. We suggest organizing everything into a spacious tote bag. Personalized totes are adorable and you have so many ways to customize it- whether it be bride-to-be, your name, or monogram. Be sure to stock up on the following:

∑ A Mini First Aid Kit

∑ Aspirin

∑ Lint Roller

∑ Sewing Kit

∑ Nail Polish

∑ Deodorant

∑ Makeup Kit

Donít have time to create your own kit? Simply visit Advantage Bridal to take your pick of our Bridal Emergency Kits.

Keeping organized with a hectic, whirlwind day is crucial to ensure that you enjoy your special day. Be sure to get both of these bridal bags prepared and ready several days prior in order to enjoy a well organized, stress free day!

Whether purchasing a bridal tote, wedding bag or the items to fill it, visit Advantage Bridal today to stock up on the essentials.