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Printable Wedding Programs

Wedding Programs are a small but intricate detail.  Wedding programs alert your guests to the order and progression of your wedding ceremony.  They also serve as an important announcement of your bridal party and their connection with you. 

But a wedding program can be so much more.  A beautiful wedding program can be a wedding favor for your guests.  It can also be a fun and different way to give your guests information about the couple such as the couple’s new address and contact information.  Wedding programs can also detail stories about the couple and relay good wishes and thanks to the guests.  

Because they can hold such a special place as part of the wedding accessories, make sure your wedding programs are the best they can be.  Advantage Bridal offers many styles and variations of wedding programs.  We are proud to offer themed wedding programs, wedding fan programs for hot ceremony days, and even do it yourself wedding programs.  Don’t see what you are looking for?  Give us a call and we’d love to help find the perfect wedding program for you.  At Advantage Bridal, we want to be your wedding program superstore.

A wedding program is a courtesy provided by the couple to their guests. It provides an outline of the people playing important roles in the ceremony, as well as the order of the rites of marriage that will be observed. Wedding programs reflect the theme or style of the wedding and are important tools of communication. Keeping your guests well-informed helps make the day smooth and carefree!

Who should be included in the wedding program? You should acknowledge each member of the wedding party along with his or her role, as well as parents and grandparents in attendance. You may acknowledge other close family members who could not attend as well, and some couples will include a passage “in memoriam” of loved ones who have passed away. The wedding programs should include the Order of Ceremony, with the major elements that you will observe. List each music transition beginning with the Seating of the Families, along with the composer of each piece. Instructions for any guest participation, including anything that guests need to say, sing or do, should also be listed. Remember that not everyone attending your ceremony will understand the traditions that you follow, and giving instructions is an act of courtesy and kindness.

Wedding programs take many forms including traditional bi-fold, multifold or multi-panel, and even more contemporary ones like fans to keep guests cool as well as in the know! They can be one or two sided, and it is nice to incorporate different textures in your program, like a sheet of vellum or a heavy backing.

You can customize your wedding programs with a personal touch. Try different color ink to match your wedding colors, adding your custom monogram or wedding motif, or embellishing with pretty ribbon accents or even wax seals.

Advantage Bridal offers a wide variety of DIY wedding programs in several styles so visit us today.