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Wedding Bubbles - Wedding Confetti

What's the history of confetti? When did we start throwing tiny cut-outs of brides and grooms, wedding bells and other wedding icons over the newlyweds? What is the meaning of throwing confetti at a wedding?

Modern wedding confetti appears to date back to the nineteenth century and was embraced and popularized by the Victorians. Most likely this custom originated from the earlier custom of throwing rice or leaves and flowers over the happy couple, which was a fertility rite celebrated at all weddings. There are all types of wedding confetti available, including luxury confetti containing a mixture of paper shapes, rose petals or other flora. Today the use of confetti outside the church is becoming less commonplace and some venues ban it completely because of the work involved in cleaning up, but it is still popular at private parties, including birthday parties, graduation parties, New Years Eve parties and other fun times. It's festive and colorful, and does add to the party atmosphere! For rice throwing at weddings, we offer this selection of biodegradable rice, wedding confetti and more. Sending off the bride and groom with a wedding toss is an old tradition, but most locations no longer allow wedding rice to be thrown unless it will biodegrade on its own.