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All About Flip Flops

Flip flops have a very fun history.  They started out being viewed with derision, because they were considered as informal, pieces of footwear that should only be worn to suitably informal locations like the beach or a garden party, at best. These casual sandals are not just respectable, but have become a favorite piece of attire for a variety of formal occasions, such as weddings.

In truth flip-flops have originally not enjoyed an elevated position. Flip-flops are a type of thong sandal and are usually made of rubber which not traditionally a fashionable substance.  There are also many very classy thong sandals, which aren't labeled flip-flops. Most of these are referred to as sandals.  So by default, flip-flops are a casual, slightly derided sandals that are easy to slip on and off and are easy to transport.

Flip-flops are some of the most popular footwear items these days, and not just among the trendy people. In fact, proof of the increasing respectability of these sandals is their popularity as bridal foot attire. Many women who have suffered through a conventional wedding will testify to the hours of agonizing pain that a bride must go through in her stylish, traditional, shiny bridal pumps or agonizing stilettos. Not only must she walk and dance throughout the day, but she must also smile through it all while wearing her bridal shoes .  It is not a wonder, then, that brides have welcomed the idea of wearing casual and comfortable sandals to their weddings, especially if their big day is not exactly the walking down the aisle variety. Celebrities are embracing couture flip flops with gemstones and sassy sayings by Girl Two Doors Down .

Casual sandals should not considered undesirable in a church wedding. Bridal flip-flops are often more desirable at a beach wedding, perhaps, or a garden wedding. But no matter the venue they are worn to, flip-flops do create a spontaneous atmosphere that encourages guests to relax and appreciate the wedding ceremony. Bridal flip-flops are now available in more fashionable styles and varieties, which means they can easily be used to church weddings, without a second thought.  Many styles of bridal shoes boast casual sandals set with semi-precious stones, or decorated with sequins or beads.  Dessy makes bridesmaid flip flops in dozens of colors that match or coordinate with bridesmaid dresses.

Perhaps the biggest selling point about flip flops is their affordability.  You can get rubber flip-flops for as low as a dollar for a plain pair.  Of course, the cost of flip flops tends to increase as designers and decorations are added to them.  However, no matter the price, the feeling of comfort is priceless.  No matter the price, the fit makes flip flops a great choice in wedding or everyday attire.  Advantage Bridal offers a vast array of custom flip flops, including Swarovski crystal flip flops and styles embellished lace, flowers, brooches and other fine embellishments.