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Celtic Wedding Accessories Irish Wedding Accessories

The Celtic Trinity Knot is a universal symbol with historical significance dating back hundreds of years. Representing Eternity ... of Life, of Nature and ... of Love, this couldn't be more fitting for your wedding day. Our exclusive version of this "Love Knot" is at the heart of each accessory in the historically inspired Celtic Charm collection. The delicate lace trim, traditional white linen, and medley of green ribbons combine to create a look with distinctive and sentimental charm.
Celtic wedding traditions are timeless and meaningful and can help you pay homage to your Irish roots. Tie the Celtic theme throughout the wedding ceremony and reception to share your heritage with your family and friends.

In a traditional Celtic wedding, the ceremony would generally take place in an outdoor setting. The Celts had a special relationship with nature, and modern Celtic wedding celebrations often celebrate this same tradition. Nature can bless the union outdoors, and the souls of the couple will manifest in the natural surroundings of flowers, trees and water. The motto for the Celts is when two souls join together, strength is created that is twice as great and hardships for the couple are only half as difficult. In the Celtic tradition the celebrations take the form of a feast and include the ritual of handfasting where the bride and groom stand facing each other holding hands and are bound together by a ceremonial rope or wrap. This is where the term “tying the knot” comes from. Handfasting symbolized the unity of the couple.

Incorporate an Irish theme throughout your wedding. Celtic knotwork designs are made with unbroken lines, symbolizing the never-ending connection of the bride and groom. You can incorporate these knots in your invitations, programs, menus and other stationery. Celtic knots are also available as wedding cake toppers, bouquet jewelry, and toasting flutes. Horseshoes are also a Celtic tradition that help the couple have good luck and happiness. You can even select four leaf clovers stitched into a wedding hanky, used as a motif on a favor, or on a wedding garter to add the luck of the Irish to your wedding day and marriage.

Advantage Bridal has everything you need to host the perfect Irish and Celtic themed wedding!