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Wedding Cake Options: How to Choose Your Wedding Cake

Wedding Cake Options

Wedding Cakes come in almost as many different shapes, colors, styles and sizes today as brides themselves do. There is something out there for everyone – how will your wedding cake reflect your unique relationship? Here are some basics that you’ll want to be familiar with when making your wedding cake choices:

Tiers: Maybe you envision a traditional tiered wedding cake, layered one atop another. Three-tiered and four-tiered cakes are most common. The layers may all touch, or they may be separated by pillars, allowing for live flowers or decorations in between. The tiers can be round, square, rectangular or hexagonal; pretty much every shape and size is available!

Flavors: Can’t choose between his favorite and yours? Many couples choose different flavors for every layer of their wedding cake. Plan for a handful of extra servings as some guests like to try each flavor and make sure your catering captain is aware of the difference between the layers. If you plan to keep your anniversary (or top) tier, order it in your favorite flavor. Or, better yet, cut and serve the top tier and order an anniversary wedding cake from the baker when your anniversary actually draws near.

Fondant vs. Butter cream Icing: Traditionally, wedding cakes were coated in a butter cream frosting. Great bakers are adept at working with butter cream so well that it looks as smooth as the other popular choice: fondant. Fondant is a rolled icing that is flawless in appearance. It looks beautiful and is often featured in magazines, in part because it withstands the heat of camera lighting better than butter cream. However, fondant is not particularly flavorful, and often it is applied on top of a layer of butter cream and discarded by guests instead of eaten.

Fondant is the preferred choice during hot or outdoor weddings, and when the style of wedding cake is very sleek or very contemporary.

Toppers: Wedding cake toppers come in many different styles and materials. Some cakes are adorned with fresh flowers, and others feature sugar flowers. Couples who feature a monogram throughout their décor may select an elegant single letter or a full monogram cake topper to top off the tiers. An adorable variation on the letter theme is a delicate “Mr. and Mrs.” set, or one that says “I Do.” Letters can be plain silver or gold, or embellished with rhinestones and crystals.

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