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Choosing Your Wedding Date

Deciding on a wedding date is one of the first big decision couples make when they are engaged. There are several factors that you need to consider when choosing your wedding date.

First, try to determine a general area where you plan to hold your ceremony and reception. Weather in different regions can vary widely, so knowing where you’re going can make a big impact on your selection. Also take into serious consideration whether your events will be held indoors or outdoors.

Another factor that some couples forget to consider is where your guests will start their travels. Deep winter in the Northeast or Midwest can bring with it road closures and major airport delays. If the bulk of your family, or worse, your bridal party is coming from an area that is heavily impacted by weather conditions, you will do everyone a favor choosing a fair-weather season.

Many couples consider holding their weddings on a holiday weekend, especially if many guests are in fact traveling. The appeal is an extended part and “mini-vacation” for your friends. However, lots of people observe family traditions during holiday periods, so you might actually reduce your guest list if you marry on a holiday. Talk to those friends you wouldn’t want to wed without and gauge from them how feasible your holiday plans really are.

The length of the wedding planning period is impacted by your date selection too. If you’re saving up for the wedding, give yourself a long lead time before the celebration. Always try to leave enough time to secure the venues and vendors with whom you most want to work. Popular wedding venues and wedding professionals book quickly, and you don’t want to lose any opportunities by trying to plan last-minute if possible. Of course, your vision and design are important too. If you’ve always dreamed of a winter white wedding, or a summer breeze theme, determining that in advance will guide your date decision too.

Finally, at certain times of year, wedding services are more economical than at others. If your budget is tight, you can maximize your value by choosing an off-season date. These vary by region, so start your research early.

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