Dog Tuxedos - Ring Dog T-shirts - Flower Dog T-Shirts

Be sure that your pup struts down that aisle in style with customized clothing from Advantage Bridal. Our dog tuxedos, T-shirts, and accessories are sure to receive compliments and praise from your wedding guests. Whether your beloved dog is going to walk the rings to the altar or bring flowers to the bride, we have the outfit for the occasion.
Advantage Bridal is known for its rhinestone-design dog tees, which can be personalized in your choice of color. While wearing our custom apparel, your dog will give even the Best Man a run for his money. You can even add your dog's name to a shirt, so that everyone knows what to call your most loyal friend. Be sure to customize your dog's rhinestone shirt, which comes in a vast array of fabric colors. Choose a look for your dog that is doggone adorable, and make the wedding even more memorable.