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Dog Wedding Ideas for Your Wedding Day


If you are a pet-loving couple, including your dog or dogs in the wedding is a sweet way to make sure they are a part of the festivities. You can dress them in sparkly collars, lovely leashes, wedding tuxedos, or even a dress. Your pet can even be your ring bearer or flower girl.

Before making the decision to allow your four-legged friend to be a part of the wedding party, there are some important things to remember and take into account, including the behavior and tolerance of your pet. Being that a wedding is usually a larger crowd, your dog should be well-behaved to deal with all the excitement going on around them.

Next, check to be sure your wedding venue allows animals. Even if it is an outdoor space, some parks and outdoor venues do not allow dogs on the premises. Be sure to ask in advance to your wedding day, and maybe even see if they could make an exception because he/she will be a part of the actual wedding. Designate someone not in the wedding party to be the dog wrangler for the day. We suggest asking an attendee who is younger but still at a responsible age. This way, they will actually be excited about their day-of duties.

The rehearsal is extremely important, so do not forget to take the pooch along with you. Sometimes your dog wonít act exactly the way that you had expected. If all is a go, give them a bath the night before so that if anyone has an allergy to pet dander, this should cut down on any issues. Also, you want your pet looking and smelling their best. Have your pet wrangler walk the dog right before the ceremony so that they can take care of any business prior and that way, there isnít an embarrassing accident.

Now for the fun part.  Time to play dress up with your dog! There are many options for your petís attire, and whatever you choose, be sure to put it on him or her several times before the wedding day so that they are used to it.

Cute little rhinestone dog tees with sayings of ring dog or flower dog can be fun, while a personalized initial dog tee or customized saying makes it a little more personal. You can get fancy with a dog tuxedo or a white ruffled dog wedding gown that looks amazingly similar to a wedding dress. A pretty little satin bow that proclaims best pet in black and white is another option.

Ring bearer pillows are available and they tie around your dogís shoulders and leash for easy use. If your ring bearer is a sweet little girl, a set of pretty sparkly dog wings can hold your rings while your pet walks down the aisle. If you are looking for something a little more subtle and your dog doesnít particularly love wearing clothing, a rhinestone encrusted personalized dog collar with a name or their role in the wedding will do just the trick.

Your furry friend is an important part of your life, so why not include them on your wedding day. Advantage Bridal will make sure your pet is dressed to the nines and cute as ever!