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How To Change Your Last Name

For most brides, changing their name is at the top of their to-do list after the wedding day and with so many options to consider, it can start to get confusing very quickly. Allow Advantage Bridal to help you navigate these waters.


Months before the wedding, we suggest that couples discuss how they would like to handle the name change question. Traditionally, the bride would take the groomís last name, but as times have changed, more brides are choosing an alternative option.


These days, more and more grooms are taking the brideís last name although the groom may have to take more steps to do so, versus the bride taking on her groomís name.  Some couples choose a whole new last name altogether, so that both parties have to change their names.


One option that is growing in popularity is for brides to take their husbandís last name, and then turn their maiden name into their middle name. Hyphenating names can be a nice compromise, while some brides are using their groomís last name as their middle name.


Remember that you cannot change your name until after your wedding, which means if you are traveling for your honeymoon immediately following the wedding, you should have your maiden name on any tickets. Otherwise, you may have difficulty traveling, especially if leaving the country.


After you return from your romantic honeymoon, the first step is to contact the Social Security Administration. They will be able to help you with the process of changing your name.


This, however, is just the first step as there are several other organizations that need to be notified of the change. The Department of Motor Vehicles will require you to change your driverís license while the Department of State needs to issue you a new passport.  Your employer must be informed as well for payroll and tax purposes, and while youíre at it, you will also want to contact your bank, credit card companies, and the post office.


It is a tedious process, but Advantage Bridal has name change kits that well help you with the name change process