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How to Stay Organized While Planning Your Wedding

When you are planning a wedding there are lots of details to keep under control. Use these tips and tools to stay organized while planning your wedding.

First, start a wedding planning binder as soon as you begin planning. Assign sections for your budget, wedding decor ideas, vendor estimates and information, vendor contracts and receipts, guest contact information and rsvps, and one for various lists. You can even purchase a pre-formatted bridal organizer that will have similar sections all ready for you, or consider investing in wedding planning software.

In the budget section, create a spreadsheet where you will track your spending. In one column, list all of the possible budget items you might need. In the second column, fill in the estimated amount of money you would like to spend on each item. In the third column, record actual expenses as you confirm contracts. In a fourth column, set aside space where you can make notes. This will keep your spending organized and on-track.

Use the idea section of your wedding planning binder to collect magazines clippings, suggestions and photos of elements you might like to include in your wedding ceremony and reception. You can use this section of your binder during initial consultations and design planning sessions with your wedding professionals.

The vendor estimate section is where you should compile all of the quotes you receive. Compare them line by line to make sure that you are considering every possible criterion before selecting your professionals. Keep the contracts you sign, along with the original estimates of the providers you choose, in the contract section of your wedding planning binder for easy reference.

As you gather names and contact information from your guests, compile another spreadsheet and keep a copy in your wedding planning binder. Leave yourself room on the sheet for names, addresses, phone numbers and emails. Also, assign columns for all of the necessary variables such as whether or not someone is attending (yes or no), the number of guests in each party, when a wedding gift is received, when the thank you note was sent and any other important details. You will refer to this section often, so keep it updated and maintained properly.

Finally, compile any lists you make in a miscellaneous section. These lists might include an inventory of items you need to pack and collect after the wedding as well as various to-do lists needed throughout planning.

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