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Pewter Wedding Sets and Collectibles

If you're looking for the best wedding gift for a renaissance-themed wedding or want to honor the bride and groom who love all things fantasy, you'll love this goldmine of pewter wedding sets and collectibles. Featuring handcrafted pewter collectibles that have been made by skilled pewter smiths in the U.S., this selection is ideal for the uncommon bride and groom. We have medieval goblet wedding sets, pewter toasting glasses, pewter heart wedding sets and pewter knife sets in this selection of stunning renaissance wedding decorations and gifts.
From an elaborate pewter wedding knife server set to an enchanting pewter dragon wine glass pair, each piece in this selection is detailed enough for the most picky pewter collector. Limited edition pewter pieces are finished with colorful rose accents, brightly colored gem stones and age-old metal working. Pieces are handmade with fine-quality lead-free pewter and glass. Some pieces even feature 23-karat gold plating and other exceptional details for heirloom-worthy quality.