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Planning a Hispanic Wedding

Wedding traditions in the Hispanic culture are rooted in a rich ancient heritage and in a spiritual history that lend color and meaning to ceremonial practices. Most Hispanic weddings are held in a Roman Catholic Church, and frequently include a full Mass. During the ceremony, all attendees are asked several times to kneel in prayer. A decorative kneeling pillow is a keepsake that also adds comfort for the bride and groom. Choose from a simple ivory design or a beautiful personalized pillow with the couple’s names, wedding date and even a personalized romantic saying.

In Mexican weddings, primarily, the couple selects a Madrina and a Padrino – a couple who will act as their marriage “sponsor” or godparents. The Madrina and Padrino traditionally pay for a major wedding expense, and act as a spiritual and practical guide from engagement through the wedding and into the first years of marriage. Additional madrinas and padrinos act as attendants during the wedding ceremony, bearing the gifts during Mass or assisting with “el lazo” or long strand of rosary beads. The lazo is usually placed around the necks of the bride and groom after they exchange their vows and creates a figure eight. It symbolizes unity and protection of the marriage.

Las arras, or gold coins, are also integral to the Hispanic wedding, and are presented by a madrina. Thirteen golden coins are given to the bride by her groom representing his commitment and support of his bride. Las arras are placed in an ornate box that is kept in the family as a keepsake.

During the wedding reception, the couple will usually celebrate with a first dance in the middle of the dance floor with all of the guests gathered around. The reception will traditionally get the party started with a salsa, merengue, mambo, or flamenco. The wedding cake is a sweet ending to this special day, and is usually fruitcake soaked in rum. In Mexican weddings, special cookies are also traditionally available during the cake cutting ceremony.

Hispanic wedding traditions celebrate the unity and sanctity of the family, as well as the commitment to faith and love. Everyone can incorporate these elements and honor the past through these customs. Advantage Bridal can provide all of the items you need, from las arras to el lazo rosary beads.