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Prom Garters

You'll need one of these brightly colored prom garters to wear when you go to your prom. Many color choices available, or choose your own colors for a custom prom garter made just for you! Our colorful garters are great as college garters too, and we also offer collegiate garters with school mascot charms. This gorgeous collection of prom garters dazzle with iridescent and hologram sequins. We offer polka dot prom garters and prom garters with ribbons dated so they'll be a lasting keepsake of your fun night! Prom is a great event to experiment with evening accessories. Gorgeous purses, metallic shoes, and stunning rhinestone jewelry are all prom fashion necessities. Prom garters are a symbol of luck, and are not taken off the leg as a wedding garter is. A garter is a fun finishing touch and will remind you of the fun long after the night is over. A prom garter is a longtime tradition, sometimes given to your date to hang on his rear-view mirror, or to keep all for yourself. For the largest selection of prom garters and wedding garters, Advantage Bridal has what you need. Prom garters come in so many hot colors and styles that you are sure to find the perfect garter to go with your prom dress! A brightly colored garter is so much fun and your date will enjoy hanging it from his car mirror, but only if you are willing to give up your garter!

We offer polka dot prom garters, zebra prom garters, camouflage prom garters, and so many other styles. Our prom garters are available in bright colors to match any prom dress. To pick the perfect prom garter, look no further than Advantage Bridal