Getting Ready Outfits


Planning the bridal party for the day of the wedding can be a stressful yet fun experience! It will be a memorable event with yours Bridesmaids and Maid of honor getting together and do your hair and makeup for your Big Day. So, for more memorable day, it has become customary for many brides or Maid of Honor to get matching getting ready outfits for all the bridal party for Instagram worth pictures in them. There are few options for your perfect bridal getting ready outfit to fit your style and look. However, creativity is the key here a you have many options to personalize and customize whatever you choose. 

Bride and Bridesmaid Robes

Every bridal party needs the perfect bridal look, and bridal robes are often the chosen accessories. Bridesmaid's robes are given to bridesmaids as brides look for something timeless and elegant—you can be sure these will provide a beautiful classic look on everyone for your wedding day. The bride robe itself is one that every bride will want in her closet. With variety of embellishment options, it is breathtaking with an intricate detailing along with soft, luxurious satin fabrics and charmeuse that brides can swoon over. Every bridesmaid’s robe blends effortlessly with all body shapes and sizes, making it easy to obtain the perfect wedding look while still fitting into everyone’s budget. Whether you choose to mix-and-match colors, materials, or different designs and embellishments — you're sure to find something special for your bridal party!  

Bride and Bridesmaid Oversized Button-Down Shirts  

Look your best on your special day and preparations with bridal oversized button-down shirts. Easy to wear and remove, these oversized bridesmaid shirts are designed to be comfortable and easy to take them off without ruining their hair and makeup. The deluxe cotton fabric is soft on skin and comfortable by being oversized, you can get your hair and makeup done in them while still being comfortable to relax in. They also look stunning for photos. They come in an array of colors to match any bridal theme and sizes range from fit to plus size fitting all types perfectly. They are masterfully embroidered with bridal roles, personalized text, or monogram. These shirts are keepsake gift for your bridal squad.

Personalized Pajamas

 Personalized pajamas make a great addition to any wedding or bridal party's getting-ready wardrobe! With a variety of styles available, like embroidered monograms or personalized pajamas with your the bridesmaids’ names printed down the leg, our flannel plaid pajamas are cozy and comfortable. Custom pajamas can also provide the perfect look and feel that everyone wants before walking down the aisle. Not only will they help create long lasting memories but also keep everyone cozy and relaxed during this special time.