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Anniversary Gift Meanings and Traditions

When considering anniversary gifts, each milestone has a specific item closely associated with it. The early anniversaries are celebrated with functional gifts meant to augment the household, while the later ones call for precious metals, gems and more luxurious tokens. There is a traditional and a modern gift for most years, and gifts are subject to quite a bit of creativity and interpretation. For example “paper” as given during the first year might be specially monogrammed thank you notes, or it could be money in the form of cash.

Some anniversary gifts make great party themes – you might choose pearl accents on your tables or in your room décor on a 30th anniversary, and gold inspiration is certain to make your 50th celebration shine. Carry your theme through your event from custom invitations to décor to the favors you select to thank your guests.

For each of the anniversaries mentioned below, the first gift listed is the traditional and the second is the modern. Where there is only one, traditional and modern gifts are the same.

1st – Paper or Clocks

2nd – Cotton or China

3rd – Leather or Crystal/Glass

4th – Linens or Appliances

5th – Wood or Silverware

10th – Tin/Aluminum or Diamond

20th – China or Platinum

25th – Silver or Sterling Silver

30th – Pearl or Diamond

40th – Ruby

50th – Sapphire

60th – Gold

75th – Diamonds/Gold

Advantage Bridal carries several lines of anniversary gifts and accessories. Toppers with elegant numbers are perfect to accent your cake. Choose a set of commemorative toasting glasses or a new cake knife and serving set. Frames and keepsake boxes will keep your memories safe while your guests celebrate with party in style with golden confetti, and custom napkins. Take home your guests’ best wishes for your continued happiness by having them autograph a ceramic, pewter or sterling silver platter or a personalized autograph frame commemorating your love and marriage.

There are many options for celebrating your anniversary, and finding the right customary anniversary gifts at Advantage Bridal is a great place to start!