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Wedding Unity Candle Ceremony and Tradition

A wedding unity candle is a perfect way to signify the joining of your family and your groom’s family, or perhaps the blending of two families.

The unity candle is a fairly new tradition to the wedding ceremony. This moment in the ceremony generally includes the bride and groom lighting two taper candles that they take together to light a pillar unity candle. It was started in the Christian faith to symbolize the joining of two souls to make one. Now, many interfaith ceremonies perform the ceremony as well. Unity candle sets usually contain two taper candles and one pillar candle. The pillar, which symbolizes unity, stands between the two tapers, which symbolize the lives led prior to the marriage. 

The lighting of the taper candles is often done by the mothers of the bride and groom, or by special friends or family asked to be candlelighters. To light the center candle, the bride and groom each take a lit taper and touch the flame to the wick of the pillar candle at the same time. Some churches or religions have a specific time during the ceremony for the lighting of the unity candle. Some couples light the candle while they are reciting their wedding vows and some do it right after the pronouncement of marriage. Regardless of when you light the unity candle, it should continue to burn for the rest of your wedding ceremony.  Care must be taken to avoid an accident, especially if the bride is wearing a veil or has long hair. 

A relatively new tradition in unity candles are beautiful personalized candles for you to have as a keepsake. They can be monogrammed with your first initial on your taper candle and the groom’s initial on his taper candle. Then the large pillar candle will have your new last name initial.  Some monogrammed unity candles feature a verse with the monogram, and some are even embellished with Swarovski crystals.

The candles are also offered in multiple colors to complement your wedding décor and theme. A beach inspired set with starfish and seashells or an autumn leaf set for a fall wedding with tones of orange and brown are just a couple of your options. Delicate glass floating unity candleholders can also be designed with your monogram or detailed saying special to you and your fiancé.

Special family unity candle sets are made to include children into the ceremony, with the candles that include the names of the bride and groom, as well as the names of the children that are going to be joined together in the marriage.  The Family Medallion unity ceremony is one such example.

A unity sand ceremony can be an alternative to the unity candles when needed. This is where a bride and groom have two separate vases, or any type of container you desire and two different colored sands. The couple pours their individual sand into a larger container, creating a beautiful mixed sand keepsake. Unity sand colors can be chosen to complement your wedding colors, or you and your groom’s favorite colors. A unity sand vases or containers/span> can be any size or shape and will depend on your taste. This lovely addition to the ceremony can then turn into a keepsake for the family home.  Unity sand vases can be engraved with your names, monogram and wedding date, or decorated in brilliant colored lettering.

Whether you chose to have a Swarovski crystal unity candle, a printed personalized unity candle or a unity sand ceremony, Advantage Bridal can assist you with their extensive collection of wedding ceremony accessories.