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Unity Sand Ceremony Sets - Unity Ceremony Sand Vases

Unity sand ceremony sets are growing in popularity and we have many options to offer. Pouring your unique colors of sand into a keepsake unity sand vase engraved with your names and wedding date is a wonderful memento of the day you were all united. Bringing two families together has become a meaningful part of the wedding ceremony of anyone with children. These one of a kind unity set doubles as a wedding ceremony essential and a stand out conversation piece. With one large, featured vase and three smaller vases, this curvy set is a perfect way to involve children from a previous marriage or even a religious leader. Simply add sand of your choice to each of the smaller vases and give to each designated party. Just as the sand from the three vases are combined, never to be separated again... so shall your love be!

We carry many unity candle ceremony items, including personalized unity pillars, taper candles, sand ceremony sets, candle holders and candelabras for the most elegant of presentations. Remember loved ones tenderly with a memorial candle personalized with their names.
Unity sand ceremony sets are now more popular than unity candles for wedding ceremonies. Incorporating a unity sand set into your wedding ceremony will make it infinitely more memorable, and will provide you with a unique lasting keepsake of your wedding ceremony! Unlike unity candles, wedding unity sand sets are ideal for outdoor ceremonies because there is no flame the wind will blow out, and no danger of catching someone’s hair or the bride’s veil on fire.

A wedding sand ceremony is fairly new alternative to the long-traditional and popular unity candle ceremony incorporated into millions of weddings. An increasing popular replacement for the unity candle, a wedding sand ceremony kit symbolizes the blending of two lives joined as one. This sand unity ceremony is not only beautiful and interesting but also more appropriate for an outdoor setting.

Every couple’s unity sand ceremony set is unique because there are so many choices of vases and sand colors, and no two will ever be poured in exactly the same design. Unity sand ceremony sets provide a means to include children in the wedding ceremony, or even parents and grandparents! By adding additional pouring vases, you are able to add another symbolic element to this event. Incorporate your officiant, your child or children to symbolize the new family, or have a third vase represent your shared spiritual beliefs. Simply add sand of your choice to each of the smaller vases and give to each designated party. If, for instance, the bride, groom, and two children are taking part, you will need four bottles of different colors. Choose colored sands to match your wedding theme and colors, that will also complement your home décor. As the sand from each of the vases is combined, never to be separated again... so shall your love be! Create a lasting personalized memento of your very special wedding day by having all close family members pour some sand. The engraved vases create a beautiful reminder that will preserve the moment for years to come. You can add a three letter monogram and wedding date to the center vase of most of our sets, and your initials or first names to the pouring vases to make the sand unity set uniquely your own. The monograms add not only an element of elegance to the vase set, but also some important symbolism. You can display your finished sand vase just as it is poured, and use your pouring vases for candles, flowers, candy or other ideas. These personalized vases will make a beautiful addition to the newlyweds’ home and will help you recall the special moments of your wedding throughout your life. Your unity sand set will begin a tradition that can carry on through your family from one generation to the next. *Please Note: Most of our unity sand ceremony vases are blown glass. Expect minor bubbles and swirls that are inherent to hand-blown glass. These sets are of substantial weight and will incur extra shipping fees. Slight variations may occur on styles due to the hand-crafted nature of these items.