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The Tradition of the Wedding Aisle Runner

The wedding aisle runner is a traditional wedding element with a long history. Originally, the aisle runners were used in churches to “hold down” evil spirits and offer an “aisle of purity” for the bride and groom to walk. Later, the long white cloth was used on cobbled and dirt streets to keep special wedding attire clean.

Today, the wedding aisle runner is a favorite choice of couples who want to include a piece of the past in otherwise contemporary nuptials. They are pretty, elegant and functional, as well as affordable, and often line church aisles where they are rolled from the altar area to the beginning of the aisle before the bride enters. In non-church settings, runners may be used to mark the main aisle, and often in this case, the end of the aisle is tied off with ribbon to prevent all but the bridal party and bride from stepping on the special path. Just before the procession begins, a groomsman or usher releases the tied ribbon to open the path.

Care should be taken if your wedding ceremony will be held on grass as it is very easy for heels to tear through or become stuck in runners, creating a dangerous and embarrassing obstacle. The best plan in case of a grass aisle is to underlay the runner with a light plank pathway then roll it over for display and safety. You should also be sure to measure your aisle from the altar to a spot several feet behind the last row of chairs to ensure you will have enough material to cover.

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