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Wedding Cake Toppers Ideas and Inspirations

Wedding Cake Toppers- What Are Your Options?

Wedding cake toppers are one of those little details that can sometimes be overlooked on a bride’s checklist. You picked out the perfect decorated cake with a delicious flavor, but you can’t forget that pretty little cake topper.

Wedding cake toppers are a fun way for your groom and you to express your personality and relationship, especially if you decide to use one of the new funny cake toppers that have a comical vibe to them. With so many different options that will give your guest a giggle, it might be hard to pick just one. Did you drag your groom to the altar because he couldn’t pop the question soon enough? A race to the altar topper shows the bride running ahead of the groom for a rush to the big day. Or maybe you were the one who tried to make a run for it, as there is one to cover that scenario too! If you wear the pants in your relationship, a cute cake topper with the bride in a wedding dress literally wearing the grooms pants while the groom stands helpless in his skivvies might be the cake top style for you.

Couples that share an enjoyment for sports can also show their love of the game- whether it is baseball, football, fishing or winter skiing. Maybe your groom loves soccer, golf or the television a little too much. The good news? We have got you covered! If your goal is to highlight the more tender moments between you two, then a kiss, hug, dance or an over the threshold carry might be the perfect cake topper for you.

Many couples like to personalize their figurines. Individual brides and grooms can pick out their perfect likeness, the most customized of options.  Butterfly cake decorations cascading down the side of the wedding cake are a popular option for a butterfly theme wedding. There are also ladybug cake decorations, hummingbirds and other fun cake decor items.

Monogrammed cake toppers are also available in a wide variety from crystals, metals and hearts to etched glass as well as custom crystal cake toppers with your choice of colors and design to match your décor.

From the traditional to funny and personalized to the utmost in elegant cake toppers, all of these and more are available at Advantage Bridal. Check out our extensive collection of wedding cake toppers and save up to 40%!