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Remembering Loved Ones on Your Wedding Day

Honoring Loved Ones at Your Wedding

 A wedding is such a special time to celebrate with your family and friends. When you or your groom has a loved one that you have lost, it may be very important to you to remember and honor them in your wedding.

There are many different options to use when trying to include a loved one who has passed away. Flowers are a wonderful way to show your love and sentimentality. Some couples like to place an empty chair next to the wedding aisle or in the first row of seating, and have the bride and groom (or both) place a white flower in the empty chair. White roses are generally used, but if the person had a special flower that they loved or one that reminds you of them, then you can certainly select that instead. You can also place a favorite photo of the person in the chair and this way you may feel more connected to them, as if they are right there with you. 

Remembrance tables can be placed at the ceremony, on the wedding guestbook table, at the wedding reception or on the altar. On the table, you can place photos of the person, as well as photos of your fiancée or you with that person. There are also memorial vase gifts that have loving words about your deceased loved ones, as well as personalized candles that you can add to the table and ‘In Loving Memory’ guest books, for your guests to sign.

A sincere officiant can memorialize the person with words in your actual ceremony. You can have the officiant share your favorite story the beloved family member or friend. Also, dedicating a special page in your wedding programs to them will allow you to write and express your feelings about your loved one.

Sometimes, couples like to use something a little more subtle and lighthearted. Food is a unique way to include the person on your wedding day. If they had a special recipe that they were known to make, ask your caterer if they would be willing to create the item with a recipe that you will provide. On the table of the item being served, be sure to include a framed note that allows your wedding guests to know the connection for selecting this dish.

Also, a favorite song of your loved one can be played during the wedding reception. Be sure to have the DJ announce the importance of the song, or better yet your groom or you can take the microphone to make it a little more personal.

If your loved one lost a battle with an illness, you can donate to a related charity in lieu of giving wedding favors.  You can ask your guests to participate and give money to help find a cure and with research for the illness.  

Brides who have lost their mothers, grandmothers, or any close important person in their life can make symbolic gestures throughout the wedding day. If your grandmother loved butterflies, butterfly bouquet jewelry  can add the memory of her to your wedding day. Also, memorial photo buckles can be attached to the wedding bouquet and a picture of the person can be placed inside to keep your thoughts of them close to you as you walk down the aisle.

When a loved one is lost and cannot share in the joyous occasion of a marriage, it is wonderful to feel like they are with you on this special day. Advantage Bridal has the perfect selection of memorial gifts including memorial candles, personalized memorial vases, and bouquet photo frames.