Shopping Tips for Wedding Shoes For the Bride and Her Bridesmaids

Brides and their entourage gals want to look beautiful from head to toe but they also want to be comfortable. Choosing the right shoe is an important decision to make sure you have the best of both worlds.

Cheap shoes can cost much more than you think! Aside from being potentially uncomfortable to wear for any length of time, poorly constructed shoes can result in blisters and other foot or ankle injuries! Heels can and do break off when least expected, resulting in a less-than-graceful walk down the aisle!

Think Comfort! Consider wearing a comfort insole for added cushioning or a support insert for those with high arches. They can also help keep straps from slipping or heels from rubbing and prevent your feet from sliding forward in bridal sandals.

For closed-toe bridal shoes, you will want them a bit roomy because you'll probably be standing much of the day, and that means your feet will likely swell! You can wear shoes that are a bit loose by padding them with soft foam inserts. Later in the day, when your bridal shoes start to feel a bit too snug, you can remove the padding and give your feet the extra room they will be craving!

Safety first! Once you are sure you wonít be returning your shoes (many stores donít accept bridal returns, especially if the bottoms are marred) scuff slippery shoe soles with sandpaper or on the edge of a cement step.

Test Drive! Break them in well before your wedding day. Wear them around the house where they won't get dirty and make sure they feel good on your feet!

Don't Come Up Short! ...or long. Remember your hemline! If you choose shoes with different heights for your big day, such as a heel for the wedding and flat for the reception, be sure let your seamstress know! Better yet, save a costly hemming expense by wearing shoes of a height that allows your dress to fall where it should! Keep in mind that if you do choose a shoe that allows the hem of your dress to drag on the floor, cleaning and preservation costs may increase to laundry a badly soiled hem.

Future Wear ~ Silver and light or neutral colored shoes are most popular because they can be worn for other occasions, however, shoe dying experts today can turn a bridal or bridesmaid shoe into an evening or even dressy office look! Dress Fabrics and Shoe Dye ~ Off-white dye matches white silk dresses, which are the natural silk color. Light ivory bridal shoe dye is best for today's ivory satin gowns, and medium to dark ivory shoe dye pairs well with ivory silk gowns and vintage dresses. In most cases though, these color guidelines will give you a look that is close enough! An exact match of your dyed bridal shoes to your gown is not guaranteed without custom dyeing using a swatch of your actual fabric. Plan to add extra time to any custom dye order! Other dye tips include dyeing all your bridesmaidsí shoes in a batch for the best color match and knowing that most every dye will look different depending upon the lighting! Day to night, inside to outdoors.

If, like many brides, you prefer to comparison shop online prices, make sure you have tried on the actual shoe in the correct size so that you know what to order!

Following these wedding shoe shopping tips will help ensure that you and your team not only have the perfect footwear for your big day but have invested in shoes that can be worn long after the festivities have ended!