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Etiquette for Writing Wedding Thank You Notes

Sending thank you notes in a time when most people rarely ever sit down to write is a touching and personal way to express your gratitude. Friends and family will be delighted to receive your hand-written reflections on their thoughtful gifts.

Wedding thank you notes should be sent no later than 3 months after the receipt of a gift, and ideally you should write them as each one is received. Thank you notes are not reserved exclusively for tangible or monetary gifts . Send notes to your bridal attendants acknowledging their time and effort invested in supporting you on the big day. You should also be gracious towards service providers and contributing vendors like your wedding planner, caterer, baker, entertainer, officiant, photographer and others, and include them in the written notes as well.

Both the bride and groom should share in thank you note writing – it can be a daunting task and splitting the work load will not only make it easier, but will keep your thoughts fresh and genuine. All notes should be written by hand on appropriate stationery . Do not substitute “form letters”, emails, faxes or verbal thanks for a personal note. Do acknowledge the actual gift in your note, mentioning it by name and giving at least one example of how you plan to use it. If you receive a cash gift, you may thank the sender for their “gracious gift” and do not have to mention the actual amount or form. Be entirely positive, never express dissatisfaction with a gift , and never tell the sender that you plan to return or exchange their item.

Be sure to order your wedding thank you notes at least a couple of months before the wedding. If you plan to send wedding photos with or as part of a card, make arrangements to have those in your possession as quickly after the wedding as possible, as you should not delay your notes while waiting for photos.

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