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One of our employees was married recently, and she needed to find a last minute "something blue" for her wedding day...she decided to make her bouquet ribbon really special by monogramming it with blue crystals. This made such a beautiful addition and brought a little personality to her ensemble.

Then, to tie all of the bridesmaids in, she made single monogram initials for each of them on their black bouquet ribbons.

We now offer Monogrammed Ribbon for you to personalize your wedding day ensemble!

What is the "Bridesmaid Ribbon Pulling Tradition"? Jamie, Boston
The Bridesmaid Ribbon Pulling Tradition is a tradition dating back to the Victorian Era where each charm is baked right into the wedding cake with the ribbon peeking out of the side of the cake.  Just before the Bride and Groom's cake cutting ceremony, each bridesmaid pulls on one ribbon and the charm she finds is a wish from the bride... 
Engagement Ring - The Next to Marry
Heart - Love will Come
Bouquet - A Blossoming Relationship
Horseshoe - Lucky in Life
Anchor - Hope and Adventure
Key - The Key to Happiness Awaits
A cute way to incorporate this tradition outside of the wedding reception has been to make it a special event at the bridesmaid luncheon or bridal shower. 

Bridal Jewelry is one of the important aspects of a wedding ensemble that often gets overlooked.  For the simple bride, a simple gown can be accented with a simple pearl lariat, or for the diva, a chunky Swarovski crystal necklace will grab some real attention!

You can anticipate being too busy to catch all the cute, sweet or funny little things that your guests do during your wedding reception.  So, why not let them capture the moments with Personalized Wedding Cameras on each table?  Choose from many styles, and personalize them with your names and wedding date so your guests will be able to photograph all of those special times throughout your wedding.  You will have a blast looking through the photos after the honeymoon, and it will help you enjoy your special day years later.

Wrapping a satin sash around your gown is becoming more and more the way to personalize your wedding attire.  Add a splash of color to match your maids, or just for fun.  We offer soft satin ribbon in a variety of colors so you will have no problem matching your accents. It is also a luxurious way to wrap your bouquet.

We are so pleased that the Custom Rhinestone Boy Short has been so popular among our brides!  It puts a little bling onto a comfy shorty and lets the not-so-frilly girl feel fabulous, without lace and sequins.

Custom-made to order with your new married name, or anything else you want on it...maybe a nickname, a catchphrase between you and your hubby, or even a simple "Just Married"!  Available in fun colors and fonts!

 Photo Guest Books are becoming a very popular trend among brides and grooms.  These books are more about the guests, and less about record-keeping.  The non-traditional guest books let your friends and family share their thoughts and wishes along with a Polaroid pic of themselves, or their favorite part of your wedding!   We know how busy you are during the reception and you may not have time to sit and talk to everyone; This is a great way to have a visual of all of your guests.

It's also a great way for your guests to entertain themselves before the party gets started...have a couple books circling throughout the reception for each guest to write advice and loving thoughts about your new life together.

GARTERS 101: It is believed that the tradition of tossing the garter dates back to 14th century France. The Medieval guests considered the bride's attire to be lucky, and guests would literally rip off pieces of her gown. To defend herself, she began to throw them her garter! In modern times, her groom does it for her to defend her from the single reception guests.

We've noticed a growing trend with garters...they're not just for the Bride anymore!  Brides are buying them as gifts for the bridesmaids in bright, vibrant colors.  It's a cute way to share something special with your maids, and insure them a little luck on the BIG day!  And, we offer custom made garters so you can choose to make unique garters for your unique friends.

Worried that you're not on task with your wedding planning?  Check out our Wedding Countdown Checklist to keep you on schedule with the plans you should be making week-by-week.

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