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Why Flower Girls Toss Petals

A flower girl is a cute addition to any wedding party. Most of the time flower girls toss petals down the aisle before the bride makes her way to the altar.

These days, however, brides are opting out of using flower petals and turning to having them blow bubbles, or tossing pretty confetti. There is a reason, however, that flower petals were chosen years ago.

The flower girl tradition began in Greek and Roman times. During the Victorian Era, flowers became more widely used. The young girls would walk down the wedding aisle in white dresses, carrying a basket of petals tossing the petals and carrying also flower-covered hoops.

The Flower Girls had the very important role of protecting the bride. It was said that the petals would ward off evil spirits. The use of wedding petals and a sweet young girl symbolizes the transition of the bride from purity to a loving and passionate wife. Flowers generally symbolize fertility, giving the bride and groom luck in having children one day. The flower-covered hoops represent eternal love for the bride and groom, showing that their love is never ending.

Generally during the Victorian Times, red rose petals were used. Red was used to show the transformation of a bride from innocent, young women into a wife and mother. Now, brides usually choose colors that complement their décor. The most popular color is still red, but pink is a close second, which symbolizes sweetness. Orange is also another wonderful color to use which gives off the effect of warmness and vitality. Some colors that generally aren’t used in weddings are often white, yellow, which represents jealousy and black, which is associated with death.

The tradition continues on in most weddings today, still representing the same love that it did over a hundred years ago with an adorable little girl preparing the aisle for a lovely bride walking toward her future with her husband.

Flower girls are a sweet inclusion to any wedding. Making sure these little guests feel extra special is easy, as Advantage Bridal offers flower girls dresses in white to colorful frocks, as well as flower petal baskets, sashes, gloves, shoes, and gifts to show your appreciation.