Anniversary Cake Toppers

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Celebrate years of marriage with the one you love with anniversary cake toppers from Advantage Bridal. Whether you've been married for 10 years or 50 years, you'll love walking down memory lane at your anniversary party with a cake topper that perfectly encompasses your relationship. With one of the most extensive inventories of anniversary cake toppers online and an endless assortment of customizable options, you're sure to find exactly the right one for you at Advantage Bridal.

Our simple yet elegant milestone anniversary cake toppers boast landmark numbers like 25 and 50 in swirling, traditional styles. Choose your own fonts and sizes to perfectly suit your tastes and your specific cake. We even offer additional details like Swarovski crystals, embellishments and custom colors to match the rest of your party's theme. Our glass cake toppers feature messages etched on clear, glass squares, or if you prefer something more decorative, we also offer options with heart outlines that symbolize your everlasting love.