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We offer a huge selection of Bachelorette party shirts, Girls' Night Out tank tops, bachelorette party invitations, bachelorette party games and much more, to make it a night none of you will ever forget!

Bachelorette parties are much more fun when you wear our special bachelorette party shirts and bachelorette tank tops! Give bachelorette party gifts to each attendee to remember your night! We have plenty of bachelorette party ideas to make your bachelorette party an event to remember!

Popular t-shirts for the bachelorette party include "TAKEN" for the Bride and married girlfriends, and "AVAILABLE" for your single girlfriends. Our Las Vegas bachelorette party tank tops include dice, the fabulous Las Vegas sign, and other fun designs. For unique bachelorette party supplies, we've got every angle covered!
The popularity of bachelorette parties is a recent development, most likely devised because the guys were having so much fun with their bachelor party that the girls didn't want to be left without their own night of crazy fun. Usually the bride and the maid of honor organize the Girls' Night Out. Bachelorette party weekends in Las Vegas are extremely popular, but so are tamer parties, such as a spa weekend away from home. It's best if you discuss your plans with your husband to be, and his for his party as well, so that you both have an understanding of what will take place. This allows you the opportunity to object if either of you disagrees with any of the planned activities. A few ground rules are a great idea, so that each of you knows what to expect. Inform the person helping you plan your bachelorette party of the limitations that you and your fiance have agreed to, so that everyone is on board with your preferences. There are many ways to have a lot of fun with your best friends, and you'll have wonderful stories to share with your future husband after the bachelorette party is over.

Try to plan your bachelorette party for a week or two before your wedding. The last few days are hectic, as the final details are coming together, and you will be out running around to get this or that. Your bachelorette party will most likely keep you out for the better part of one night or more, so you'll have some sleep to catch up on, and just before the wedding is not the best time to accomplish this.

A spa bachelorette party can offer a lot of options, as you can choose from pampering sessions of massage, facials and other luxuries, or choose one that offers exercise and nutritional counseling. Check pricing before booking your weekend, as fees vary to a great degree and you'll need to make sure that the weekend expenditures are within everyone's budget. No matter what type of spa you choose, the time will be great for relieving pre-wedding stresses and jitters, plus will be great bonding time with your friends.

If you are planning to go clubbing for your bachelorette party, consider starting off at home first. One fun idea is to have a Passion Parties consultant do a party, and everyone buys gifts for you. Then maybe a potluck dinner, and then on to a club or other nightspot. Be sure to choose a designated driver for your bachelorette party night or hire a limousine to take your entourage around the town. Don't forget some hot pink boas for your girls, and our rhinestone bachelorette party tank tops are a fun way to set your group apart from the crowds, no matter where you go. A bride baseball cap with a veil is a fun way to make sure everyone knows just who the bride is. We also offer bachelorette party games, which are a lot of fun if you're celebrating in a less crowded environment. A bachelorette scavenger hunt game is always a lot of fun.